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ARDA NIMS Requirements

The National Incident Management System.

  1. ICS 100
    Introduction to the Incident Command System
  2. ICS 200
    ICS for Single Resources and Inital Action Incidents
  3. ICS 700
    National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Intrrduction
  4. ICS 800
    National Response Framework, An Introduction
  5. ICS 809
    Emergency Support Function (ESF) #9 - Search and Rescue

ARDA Standards

page updated 24AUG2016

Standards and Certification Procedures

Section I - Evaluation Ground Rules and Prerequisites (PDF, May 2016)

Section II - Area Search Certification Standard (PDF, May 2016)

Section III - Human Remains Detection Evaluation (PDF, May 2016)

Section V - ARDA Water Search Evaluation (PDF, June 2008)




ARDA Evaluation Forms


Area Search Evaluation Form

  1. Area Search Evaluation Form  (PDF, November 2014)


Human Remains Detection Evaluation Forms

  1. Indication Station Evaluation Form  (PDF, September 2012)
  2. Above Ground Search Evaluation Form  (PDF, September 2012)
  3. Buried Search Evaluation Form  (PDF, September 2012)
  4. Urban Search Evaluation Form  (PDF, September 2012)


Area Search Assessment Forms and Criteria

The preliminary assessments are strongly suggested, but not required, before taking the ARDA Area Search Evaluations.

  1. Open Field Assessment Form (PDF, November 2014)
  2. Trail Assessment Form (PDF, November 2014)
  3. Light Brush Assessment Form (PDF, November 2014)
  4. Dense Brush Assessment Form (PDF, November 2014)


Obedience and Agility Assessment Forms and Criteria

  1. Agility Assessment Form (PDF, April 2014)
  2. Obedience Assessment Form (PDF, July 2014)


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