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MDRD Members Complete 60-Hour Wilderness First Responder Course


Prepared by Mason Dixon Rescue Dogs

May 2005

Sharon treats Lisa for bleeding

For three weekends beginning March 4 and ending on May 1, eight members of Mason-Dixon Rescue Dogs joined members of Delmarva SAR to complete the 60-hour ASHI (American Safety and Health Institute) certified Wilderness First Responder Course. Topics addressed included wound care and management, biological and environmental hazards, fractures and sprains, and spine and neck immobilization. We learned how to rule out spine and neck injuries, how to do a head to toe assessment, and how to write up an official accident report. The main difference between this class and a regular 40-hour First Responder Course is that the student is prepared not only to treat the injured party initially, but to also provide ongoing treatment until the victim can be evacuated to a medical care facility.

Sharon treats Lisa for bleeding

Students practiced splinting techniques on each other and learned how to safely backboard a patient with suspected spinal injury. Additionally, we had a few days in the field for real-life scenarios. Students worked as a team to safely backboard and evacuate a patient. We learned improvisational techniques for splinting and for applying traction to femoral fractures.

Members who completed the Wilderness First Responder Course are Sharon Ballweg, Chet Brewer, Brian Cox, Jessica Cox, Matthew Denny, Lisa Kakavas, Paul Manley, and Michael Varley.

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